February is Special

Before you start, I apologise for the point form writing (and the crazy things I’ve written, I’m sure what I’m writing sometimes is pretty ridiculous) and that it’s rather long winded.










This poorly typed typecast written on Tolv, SCM Classic 12.
Images shown belong to Natalie of natslaptaps.




  1. Oh dear, your birthday’s this month, huh? Funny how things happen sometimes.
    Check your PO box this week. I sent you something yesterday to say ‘thanks’ for that nifty postcard you sent me.

    Chinese New Year
    Nutella Day


      1. The “oh dear” was because I didn’t know it was your birthday. Otherwise, I would have included a Happy Birthday greeting.
        “Oh, you’re such an uncouth cad, Teeritz. I challenge you to a duel!
        But it doesn’t matter. This is way cooler. Cary Grant (my favourite Old-Hollywood movie star) used to give people presents for no reason at all. “Because it’s Tuesday”, he would say.
        That’s as good a reason as any.

  2. Happy birth month! I love your illustrations. Why not make them into cards? I was seeing all thse “ITAM” posts coming up in the blogroll of the Typosphere, not knowing what the acronym was for until I clicked to read them. Didn’t know Feb was special that way!!


    1. Thank you twice over!!! :D
      Hee hee, I already am making them into cards, I’ve got them printed out and ready for cutting ;)
      Ah hahaha, it’s ok, I only just realised what “ITAM” was earlier today!


    2. Didn’t know either, but I’m looking forward to all those blog posts. And Nutella Day already has it’s 7th edition? Damn… why haven’t I heard about it before? Thanks for letting me know!


  3. Spiderwebz: Haha, everyday could be Nutella day :)
    Richard: Thank you! Oh, Nutella and typewriters is a great couple for writing. Thanks for the wishes :)
    Florian: Thank you! I’m planning to draw up most (and if I can, all) of the machines I have in my horde. It would require lots of Nutella though.
    Dwayne: Awww thank you! :D Will have to do/show more soon! (I have few machines still in hiding. :))


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