Ink vs. Ribbon

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Oh I forgot to mention this:
Earlier in the arvo there was a huge thunderstorm.
Thunder-terrified-dog vs. screen door



  1. Hey, great post. I’m always obsessed with examining other people’s handwriting, so reading about the history of yours was absolutely fascinating! I only wish mine was as stylish as yours.


  2. Very entertaining…..I remember the same experiments with writing. Hope the poor dog is ok….the screen door obviously isn’t :o


      1. Haha I did think of doing that after reading Teeritz’s and Adwoa’s post. Got busy and put it off. A picture was so much easier to just set up, snap and post. Lazy blogger that I am, hahah.

      2. Hahaha! I’m pretty lazy too – usually I use a scanning app on my phone and do everything on the phone.
        Can’t wait to see your next post!!!
        P.S. was I right about the middle one? ;)

  3. Really a good post…
    Nice combination of ink and ribbon…
    I use the needham-ink for this never create or combine ink and ribbon….
    Keep update it…
    I am waiting for your next pest…
    But what is about the last post…


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