Valentine s Day

photo (4)1

I thought I’d give the name sake a run today!

Oh, for those who are wondering why I have to mop the floor after Little Dog has been in the laundry:
She’s an outside dog and loves to roll in the dirt. Come rain she goes to every window or door that she has access too and either annoy us with the squeaks or tries to break in. When the thunder starts (or when ever she hears it), she turns into an awful slobbery mess that hyper-ventilates at the same time.
I nearly slipped and fell on her slobber today.

In any case, the day isn’t over yet! (there’s more thunder in the distance…)
Hope your day is going great (or was great depending when you’re reading this post) and your lovey dovey is doing a better job then our little lovely dog.
(Don’t worry, we still love her.)




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