In the last few hours of ITAM…


P.S. Just spent the next hour trying to fix the ribbon vibrator and of course, made it worse. Maybe tomorrow after the interview.
P.S.S. Oh, did I mention I got a interview tomorrow morning 8am?
I might have brains for breakfast and try not to go “ughhhhh” too much.
#stress till I turn into a zombie
P.S.S.S. Goodnight everyone.
Or good morning, depending where you are. ;)



    1. Mehhh, it ended up being only three minutes!
      Fingers crossed. :/
      Hurr hurr hurrr, something just came in the mail and I don’t think I’ll be staring at screens too long anymore!
      More soooooon! :D


    1. Thanks dear!
      Aya. I wish it was sooner then later I get a job though, it would be nice to spend my own money and not feel tooooo bad. :p
      (And get more typewriters. Heh.)

      Jia you too, can’t wait to see your next blog post. :)


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