Keep it rollin’


I had much to type, but thoughts were evaporating.



*Typed on a Royal Model P named Blimey, in need of a new ribbon.

Fingers crossed for a job soon!

OH, post #100? Righto.
I had things planned for it, but messed up.



  1. I’ll jump in. Let me know if you need feedback. Light up the BatSignal if you need to get in touch…or just send me an e-mail like everybody else.


  2. Haha… Love the red annotations in the post. Especially the “HA HA HA” guy. And be careful with that roll of kraft paper. It’s liable to roll away and flatten one of your typers!


    1. Haha! I thought I should start re-reading my posts before I chuck them online.
      Heeee, I really have to practise drawing faces more. :3

      Geez I know right?!
      Lucky that its too heavy to roll around by itself… If it did it might as well be a toddler. Round, cute, heavy and not very mobile.


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