Natslaptaps & Craft Co.


Natslaptaps & Craft Co. is a GO!

Sorry for being incredibly slow and being a total procrastination-bot, but I finally cracked down today and got some pictures done and edited (quite poorly actually, I think I need a new laptop that doesn’t tell lies about colour) and chucked them pictures up on the Facebook page…. and galleries on this blog under “Typewriter Hire” and “& Craft Co.” pages.
Now Darwin has a typewriter rental thing, and there’s crafty things to be sold on Etsy.
I have more pictures to do, and more letters to craft, a couple more pages to edit on my blog,
but for now I’m content.

Yes, this is my 100th post surprise that I’ve been putting off :)


To celebrate this joyous dual occasion, I’m on for another postcard giveaway.
I offer 3 such decorated paper messages to three separate winners.
Email me your address and I’ll draw the winners on 24th March 2013!

I really should have something for lunch.
At 4:15pm? Pfffft, I’m Singaporean at heart.
We eat all day.

Ciao for now! :3



  1. Ah, so this is what you’ve been busy with (and interviews too I suppose?). Thought you might have been sucked into twitterverse :) Hope the new ventures go well for you!


  2. Congratulations on the new venture! I just checked out your Facebook page; your work is lovely! Especially the stamps – I can only imagine how long it took to make that Royal Vogue set. Renting out typewriters is such a nice idea; you get to put them to good use while still keeping them in your collection (and making them earn their keep!).

    I envied Dwayne’s postcard so I am putting my hat in the ring to receive one. Fingers crossed :)


    1. Thank you so much Adwoa! :D
      Hahaha, I botched up the typewriter pictures though :p
      Oooh yes, that set took me AGES to make D: it was 15 hours or something.
      Yes exactly! I’ve got a rather expensive collection, so some money would really help.
      But, the main idea is to spread the typewriter love in this rather barren end of Australia ;)

      Ah ha!
      I just got something really great in the mail that I’ll be using in the draw. Fingers crossed ;)
      (Maybe you’ll be lucky and be the only winner like Dwayne! :p)


  3. Congratulations on the 100th post and the new enterprise! I hope it takes off.

    Now I am trying to decide if it is greedy to put my name in for another round of the postcard giveaway. Maybe I’ll save up good Karma by not entering in hopes of winning a draw on the Fountain Pen Geeks website. Or maybe not ;-)


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