I’ll be joining the world-wide whinge tomorrow morn’ because I GOT A JOB!!! :D

Hope your weekend was a good one everyone!

– Nat & Coraline



  1. Hey congrats, Nats!!! Well done. I’m currently looking for part-time work to fit around my studies and I have to say it’s a little trickier than I remember. Best of luck settling in.
    Your first paycheck should take the edge off the early mornings.


    1. Thank you Mr. T!
      I wish you all the best in finding a job – maybe try tuition work? You can work whenever it’s suitable for you…
      Oh, settling in should be ok, just have to make sure the silly grey cells actually work.
      My first pay check is considered spent – I’m going for a nice dinner with the husband, and then pay for postage for three machines to get home to me. :D


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