Long week = +4 typers

Yesterday I got so annoyed at all the pens scattered everywhere on the L-shaped table I cracked down and made a table tidy…. from a tissue box and a binder clip box folded inside out. (There’s a little compartment on the inside for the pens)





I haven’t quite got around to cleaning or testing them out just yet – next tlog!



She sits right next to Blimey on the typewriter mantle.
(Blimey and Peacherine are pretty close in serial numbers! Made in the same year, difference of 4,681 machines, Peacherine being the older machine)

I know, I have a thing for Model P’s. But look at the colour! I couldn’t help myself. :3
The first time I laid my eyes on her picture I thought “Geez that’s heaps pretty!… and kinda like a grapefruit no?” Of course then I realise that grapefruits aren’t really plum in colour and then realised there was a fruit similar to what this machine has – peaches and nectarines! The rich plum tone and the pale orange and yellow hues. Oh so yummy.
I couldn’t decide if “Peach” or “Nectarine” would be its name… so maybe I’ll go with Peacherine which is incidentally a real fruit too!

Now, where is this elusive 4th machine you ask? It’s sitting on my lounge floor, split open waiting for a paint and clean. It’s nothing fancy, and it’s a machine that I’ve had before.

Enough rattling from me. I might toddle off now and ketchup on typosphere reads and artwork that I promised people… Including postcards and letters I’m donating to a local shelter for auction. If you’re in Australia you’re eligible to bid! :)
I’ll post more details where there is some, but for now:

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend guys!
Typecast on Peacherine Royal Model P, 1930



    1. The case is fantastic. I found myself sitting down and flipping the lock open and unopen for about five minutes. It’s super!
      Can’t wait to get it cleaned up and the slight crunch gone…

      Thanks for the “like” Ton! :p


  1. Peacherine is peachy keen! That is a very nice duotone paint scheme.

    The Oliver has a nice, welcoming shape. It looks like an amiable typing companion.


    1. Peacherine sends her thanks and love! It’s the first orange duotone I’ve seen and the plum highlights make it so pretty… Hopefully no more Model P’s for me. 3 seems quite a flush.
      The Oliver is very responsive and snappy – I can see it being a favourite once it’s cleaned up :)


  2. Congratulations on the Royal; wow. These are beautiful machines to look at. Quite daring to make and to buy i think in 1930, when most machines were black.


  3. You’ve had a good reason not to blog last week. Getting to know your new job is kinda tiring and exciting at the same time. Do love your Blimey! It’s wonderfully colored. Peacherine fits perfectly next to it!


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