Typing Class, Commence!

Alright kids, you behave yourself back there. No playing corners or anything silly!

After a quick introduction to aerograms, the kids were eager to lay hands on the machines.
Only three out of five turned up.

Tardis, Olivetti Lettera 82

Marjorie, cream and maroon Olympia Splendid 33 (will be for sale soon after I get new feets)

Tea, grey Olympia SF that is due for a make over.

Fell, Olympia SM2 – Mr. Man-hands was no kid, but he did write a couple of aerograms with much concentration, and said he did find it enjoyable.

Each kid made an average of three drafts before they submitted their final piece to be sent to some very nice children in New Zealand. Before I left they said that I’d have to bring my typewriters over more often…

Time to go disinfect all them machines.


  1. Great machines, great times. Shouldn’t the little typewriters have car seats?

    FYI: I received your postcard and it made my week! A return will begin its torturous path from Kansas to Australia on Monday.


    1. It was Funtime! :3
      Hahaha, I wouldn’t be able to fit three car seats in the back – they just had to ride Mumbai style.

      EEEEE! :D I was wondering when you’d get my postcard! :D
      Hopefully everyone else got theirs too!
      The torture will be well worth the pain, can’t wait!


  2. Nat, I have just finished servicing an Olympia just like your little Burgundy and Cream unit and the very next machine that I picked up to look at was a grey and white Olympia just like the one you are showing! What a coincidence. Where do you get the feet from?
    Has the platen knob arrived for your Royal? I sent it a few days ago and they said it may take a week!! Honestly, it is quicker to buy items from Hong Kong and cheaper as well
    Keep well,
    Best regards, John


    1. Hey John, hahaha that is pretty awesome coincidence!
      I have another Olympia Splendid that I haven’t managed to fix, so I might pick your brain about it later!
      Feet – I found some wiring grommets from Super Cheap Auto the other day, and the ones I picked were too big, so I’ll be going back this week to get the right size!

      I haven’t got the knob yet, and it might as well be going to Dubai or something – Darwin is so far away from everything else! :(


  3. Nice work, Miss Nat! I’m currently writing a messy and long winded reply to your letter. Went through two typewriters and four fountain pens.


  4. Your lovely postcard arrived! Thanks so much. Hope it’s OK to publish it on my blog.

    I must have missed the intro. to this latest post. Who are these happy people? Who are the happy recipients? Point me to an answer!


    1. HOORAYYY! :D
      Yes it’s ok! :3

      Happy people – kids in my Sunday School – can’t really post pictures and names of kids…
      Happy recipients are more kids of a Sunday School over in New Zealand!


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