Yummy sort of Saturday

Sorry I’ve been so quiet of late, work has been pretty full on and I haven’t really done anything typewriter related other than trying to find chair feet for one of the cases I have.

This mess on my floor has been here for awhile.
John I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve extracted the piece and I’m just getting a nice transport vessel for it. ;)

This morning I got up feeling like I had to make something in our brand new (old) oven. It was a wedding gift from a group of people… Waaaaay back in 2011. It’s been sitting in its box behind our couch all this time. My husband decided not too long to break it out, and its pretty cool!
The oven :)

So after flipping through the recipes I have, I settled on making two things. Panna Cotta with balsamic vinegar berres compote and Apple and Oats Cookies.

The final yumminess:

I’ve received a heap of letters this week too, thank you everyone! I wanted to blog about it today, but it’ll have to wait for another time when I’m not stuffing my face biscuits. :p
*om nom nom*


    1. They were! :D
      I’ve made MORE stuff, and I’ve yet to put up a tlog. :(
      It’s just past midnight now, I’m gonna make myself post something tomorrow (hopefully)


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