Little Surprises


Tom Thumb toy typewriter
(which I expected to be littler. Surprise 1.)
It works, but it’s pretty rusted.


(top bit)


I kid you not, my floor still looks like this. (No surprise 1.)


Olive Courier No. 2
Works well, needing a good clean, and missing the name badge. I’m planning to give it a good scrub and a nice make over… and maybe do something with some plastic thing. More when I do get onto it!

Hey! 4 digit phone number. Ahhhh.
(Surprise 2.)



(sorry for the terrible typecast – ribbon was at it’s end)
“But a midst the boring work days, this week has drawn my husband and I some delightful surprises.
On Monday my husband heard cried of a wee something in the bushes. He says it was very bird-like, but he checked it out anyway. It turned out being (to be, urgh) this wee widdle thing –
(this Hermes Baby has no colon! D;)

Rimona – Swedish board cursive Hermes Baby


Isn’t she just adorable?!



Her one day stay was so fun!
We fed her the wrong stuff, probably didn’t feed her enough, gave her all the cuddles, made her disorientated… and let the dogs say hi…
Heh :p

She slept on my twice.
And peed on me once.



Can’t wait for her to come home to be with us for good <3
(You can see just how little she is – she fits into your hand!)
We need help naming her!
Chuck us some names for this petite beautiful girl pretty please!


Baking Spree.
I’m sorry technology hasn’t made teleporters so that I can send some of these yummies to you. Pictures will have to suffice for now!


Berry and Oat Muffins – household favourite. Been having it for breakfast for about two weeks! D:


I made chocolate muffins too. First batch didn’t have enough cocoa in the batter (and I made a mistake of using melts as chips in the batter… it was a little too oily in some parts of the muffin) and was pretty nice, which led on to the other batch on the right. It is delish.
Surprise 4 –
Left: QUADRUPLE Chocolate Muffins (dark choc chips, white choc melts, choc batter, Nutella swirl)
Right: QUINTUPLE (YUS!) Chocolate Muffins (dark and milk choc chips, choc batter, white choc ganache, Nutella swirl)
Instant diabetes.


Then, I wanted to make macarons.
90% failure rate, needed equipment that we didn’t have, and expensive batter stuff.
$50 worth of groceries and $80 for this shiny mixer resulted in this:


Looking not bad! At this stage I thought that it would totally work and I’ll have some nice white chocolate macarons (left over ganache) and lemon curd macarons….
(Surprise 6)


Came out of the oven lookin’ like the splats.
(No surprise 2.)
They were stuck to the paper, hollow, weird looking and some browned on the edges.
I have a feeling my new mixer is just too powerful, and my microwave oven is just not a macaron maker.
Ah wells.


Surprise 7.
Failed macarons? NO WORRIES!
Use them to make trifle.
Failed macarons, cream, berries,  failed macarons, cream and oats for fun.



Remember the typing class I did last?
Well the kids basically demanded another round!
(YAY surprise 8)
Totally makes my choice to collect typewriters so much sweeter. I brought six this time, and this was the only picture I managed to get before having to tame six overly excited kids. One of them is seriously thinking getting a typewriter, and boy is she fantastic at typing on the machines!
Hopefully in the near future my want for a local typewriter introduction (cum insurgency) will come true…


Lastly – an Australian wedding magazine finally made its way to my home. Peacherine needed a picture.
Last surprise, I promise!
Last week a more local magazine got in touch me about my typewriter collection!!!
Hopefully in the coming weeks or months some of my machines will be featured in the mag :D

Thanks for reading guys.
Time for me to ketchup with the Typosphere’s blogs!



  1. Woa, long post! Good to read everything is going well ont he new job. I can imagine it takes a lot of energy to get back into the rhythm of a working life.

    The kitten is even cuter than all the sugar in those bakings combined! Luckily she was found and now can be taken care of by the shelter. Only a few more weeks. They will pass by without noticing. ;-)


    1. Meeep! I didn’t mean for it to be that long!
      Sorry :p
      I forgot to mention a couple other things, which I’m only remembering now, lol!

      MEEEEE I know right?! She’s adorable in real life. I’ll have to upload a video sometime soon :D
      Hee hee, thanks Spiderwebz!


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