Optima Prime


Hey guys!
My workplace.
Yesterday I started on the one-person-job-of-making-sure-patrons-are-forever-happy job.
It’s an add on to my current workload (PA/girl-Friday/designer).
I’m not too fond of the add on – and I thought the only incentive to do that job is to bring in a typewriter to fill up the forms.
I did two forms today, and it was pretty good.
(minus the fact that I just realised that a couple of screws holding the margin scale has magically disappeared. I think it was hungry.)

Later in the day I get a text message from hubs saying a typewriter is here. SWEET!


It’s a big Optima in a nice black suitcase like case.
I didn’t think it was going to be this huge! The shape and lines (and even the extended return lever) reminds me very much of a Remington Sperry-Rand Personal-Riter.
I bought it thinking it was some sort of a techno font, and boy was I surprised!



San serif. Curvy. Selective serif. Round.

I was a little bit mind-boggled when I first typed this out. What sort of typography is this?! Serif yet not serif? Round yet tall? “Q” with techno touches? Distinctive straight lines and easy curves?

I sent this on to Scott and he said two things.
“Not Hermes”
Then it kinda hit me.
I have a Optima with a similar typeface to Hermes’ Epoca.

But to set the record straight:
Does any Typospherian know what the name of this font is?

Possible make over?
(dodgey-as, sorry!)

Hopefully I’ll get going on fixing machines again.
I’m beginning to forget names of parts of the machines, and there’s about six machines waiting for cleaning and fixing. Little girl will be home in about a month or so.
We need a basement.



Thanks for reading, have a great one guys!



  1. Wow, very nice typeface — I don’t think I’ve seen it before, exactly. A bit reminiscent of the famous Vogue. And the typewriter itself looks pleasingly substantial.

    I was using a little Olympia SF myself yesterday. Quite possibly the best of the ultraportables.

    If you’d like to see a nice photo of the typewriter you donated to WordPlay, see here.


  2. Thank you everyone for the nice comments! Only getting around to replying, tsk tsk.

    Richard – The Optima is very chunky! I would say it’s the shape of the Remington Sperry Rand line and the chunkiness of a SC Classic 12. I haven’t had a look inside just yet.
    And that is an awesome picture. I’m so glad the little blue is getting used heaps!

    notagain – thank you! :)

    shordzi – Hahaha! Magic indeed!

    Scott – Thanks heaps :) I can’t believe my luck!

    rn – I know hey? I love the “@”. The “a” in the middle is so fat, and it reminds me of a dounut. :p


  3. I just spent a good long time reading through your entire blog, having been somewhat absent from the typosphere during most of the duration of its existence, but back now since May. I look forward to hearing of your new adventures, and in the meantime you have some amazing typewriters! A goal I want to work at is going towards fewer, but more special, typewriters.

    You fixed the ribbon vibrator on your Olympia SF, but I don’t think I saw what you did to fix it. If you remember and can explain it to me, that would be of extreme utility! My $3 Hermes 3000 has that exact problem, and they might, just might, be related. I just have a single colour ribbon in it but it’s definitely annoying to type on.


    1. Welcome back to the Typosphere! :D
      I’m long overdue for a blog post, but I will post something soon. :)
      Thank you! I got lucky with a lot of them :) it’s a little past midnight now but when I get a chance I’ll have a nice read of your blog!

      Ah, the silly SF ribbon vibrator – I basically manipulated the ribbon arms. If I’m not wrong the left side was hanging too low thus not raising high enough for the print. You will just have to trial and error! Check everything else before you do this though – most of the time the inner arms and hinges need a touch of elbow grease/dry lube, or the carriage is not sitting properly at rest.

      $3 Hermes 3000!!!
      You got yourself a fantastic bargain!
      All the best in the fix, hopefully I was of some help :)


      1. I think reading my blog would take a lot longer and be slightly less interesting. XD But I guess you be the judge!

        Silly me, I’m usually very willing to mess about like that when there is a problem. I don’t know why I never worked on this.

        Looking forward to you post, and at the very least you’ve got me looking into the problem again!

      2. Hahaha! I’ve had a quick look (at work, naughty me) and
        I’m glad that the H3000 was an easy fix for you! :D

        Will stalk your blog soon! :p

      3. Oh the things I’ve done at work or at school on their time and internet. XD

        Well hopefully there will be some more interesting new things soon anyway! I am starting a few projects.

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