All the Ironies






Rubber key tops just came in the mail :)



P.S 3 July 2013 the GIFs are my creations with pencils, post-its and some magic during break time. If you want to share them, sure. Just credit me or my blog. Thanks heaps :)


    1. Thanks heaps! :)
      I don’t know the difference of Peerless and the normal, but it fits my Model P size wise but it’s got a different board. I have a feeling it’s for a Underwood. :/


  1. Get well soon, Miss. And if you’re not happy in your job, then find something else and get thee the hell out of there. I left my last job almost a year ago to return to study. I’m now looking for something part-time and it’s proving a little more difficult than the last time I was out of work (1990-1991). Still, leaving an unfulfilling and soul-destroying job was the best move I made. And I learned long ago that once you start looking seriously for work, opportunities begin to come up. Best of luck and get healthy soon.


    1. Thanks Teeritz! :)
      I’m just waiting for a bus to get home – I made the mistake of going into work. I only lasted a little under two hours, haha!
      I’m stuck in this job till the new year, so I suppose I’ll just have to make the best of it right?


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