Envoy III returns!


My friend brought a Remington Envoy III to me to fix and I’m dumbfounded.
I have been out of touch with fixing for a while now, so if you could help with anything – that would be awesome.

The main problem is the ribbon vibrator is not raising at all. I can’t even get the innards out of its plastic casing! I undid the bottom four screws and then had a brain fart… Is the innards meant to come out from the back or is the top meant to come off?

Thanks guys :)



  1. When I come across a typewriter I just look very closely at how it was put together. I imagine the factory and the steps that it took to put it together. There were so many parts in typewriters that they were assembled mostly by hand and it remains true that they can be disassembled by hand.

    On to your typewriter. I haven’t had much experience with that particular model, but I would start with the ribbon cover and have a look around. The four screws at the bottom are an indication that the frame and body do come apart. I would also look on both sides of the carriage (moving it to one extreme and then another) because that is a place many manufacturers like to hide screws.


  2. Nat, I recently got a facit with adodgy vibrator. Access is pretty good from below but the pin holding the vibrator knuckle (man, does this sound like some sorty of dirty story) was only accessible by removing the type bar guide plate and setting the ribbon to red, then using a rubber band to hold a convenient type bar in place to allow the alignment of the vibrator knuckle and the hole in its actuating lever. My first fix was a skinny nail trimmed to size…but too long. It worked but sometimes fouled something. Then I found the original pin. It looked like it had been split at the end, then flared to keep it in place. I’m trying a regular split pin next. Shout if this isn’t clear and I’ll post some photos.


    1. Hey Rob!
      Ah hahahha, not to us typospherians! :p
      I actually understood all that – thank you so much! I’ll have a look see later… I still haven’t got to getting the body apart. I have a very poor record of removing plastic bodies successfully and there’s always some part of the body I break. Gah!
      Darn plastic machines.


  3. Nat, if recall properly, the machine comes out of the bottom plastic bit backwards!.. I will have a look to see if I have an Envoy like yours and I will advise you accordingly……John


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