Morphined Oranges

If you’re on a diet or just simply don’t like muffins, skip this post!

I can’t hide it. I’m on a baking spree.
Red Velvet muffins, Berry Oats muffins, Orange Poppyseed muffins, Triple Chocolate muffins, Quadruple Chocolate muffins, Jazz Apple Cookies, Jelly Cheesecakes, Jam Drops, Swiss Rolls, Macarons and more to come (lined up next is Black Forest Cake, Blueberry muffins, Vanilla Max muffins (with vanilla buttercream maybe?) and macarons.)

I feel like I’m doomed to be that old lady that lives next door and bakes all day and has 20 cats.

Of all the muffins that I’ve been making the orange poppyseed ones has been the oddest.
Here’s the tries so far:


Round 1 – Navel, mandarin and tangelo oranges and poppyseed muffins with orange icing syrup with a mix of two separate recipes.
It was very dry, and picky me didn’t like the crumb at all. Husband liked the dry though. I’m positive I did something terribly wrong too, just don’t know what.
Recipe here: nannanormasgranddaughters
and here: Claire K Creations


Starting from the left, going clockwise: Tangelo, Navel, Red Ruby Grapefruit, Mandarin.


Round 2: Tangelo, red ruby grapefruit, poppyseed and cranberry muffins.
I LOVE this combination, so very yummy! The cranberries added an extra sweetness level om om ommm. The muffins were a bit blonde, and were quite flat though. I think I used all purpose flour instead of self-raising. For some reason plain flour hates me.

Made up recipe: blend a whole tangelo and segmented grapefruit, then add all the other ingredients (flour, butter, sugar, eggs, milk) and blend. Stir in poppyseeds and cranberries.





Round 3: Blood orange and poppyseed muffins.
Best of the lot so far, and the sliced orange on top just gave it that extra touch of awesome – even though it made the top half of the muffin soggy-ish. The crumb is good, but not fluffy enough like the other muffins I make. Maybe it’s the puree thing that messes it… I do love recipes made in a blender :) I also tried piping the batter into the moulds and oh my goodness it was messy!
I might try candied sliced oranges next time… Mmmmm.

Combination of two recipes from Heather’s French Press and A Globetrotter’s Fare
I went for the puree’ed recipe, and stirred in the poppyseeds and extra zest from one orange. Placed the sliced cinnamon sugared blood oranges on top and popped it in the oven. I think baking them for 18min at 200C was a bit much – the first batch burned on the base, but the colour was great. The others baked well at 15 or so minutes, albeit a little blonde.
Might try the juiced method the next time, the orange flavour in this batch was rather mild.

Ah wells, to the next batch!
Thanks for reading guys! :)

May your muffins be forever moist and right in flavour,



  1. Yummm…. maybe you can try some of the healthy muffin recipes out there too. I’m surprised you haven’t tried to bake a lava cake yet, considering past posts, heheh.


    1. Mmmm, the healthiest muffin I have is the berry oats one. Mega yum, and a house staple. My husband demands for it once in awhile. ;)

      Hahaha, I’m just waiting for the right day to do it!!! I have a mug version, so just for meeee :p


    1. The blood orange ones are yummy! I wish it had more orange flavour in the muffin itself, but the slices on top makes up for it. ;)
      Can’t wait to see what you’re going to bake!


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