I think one hour was a under estimation of how long I did spend on tuning the four adjustment points. At first I had the typewriter in my lap upside-down and me flipping it up and down trying to loosen and tighten this screw under the segment… and nothing worked. It only dawned on me then that it was a carriage shifted machine. *facepalm*

Anyhoo, it all worked out and it types as beautifully as it looks – I forgot how well this machine cleaned up. There’s a little bit of rust left on the case, but for now… I think I’ll just sit back and stare.


Adjusting to new heights,
Olympia Splendid 33
Elite typeface



  1. Excellent work! I haven’t tried to align an Olympia yet, but what I saw of the SM-7’s was… scary.. I’m glad and impressed that you were able to figure it out. (:


    1. The Splendid’s adjustment points is at the ends of the carriage, topside, so it wasn’t too bad. (I had fun typing from the back, instead of turning it round and round.)
      The lock nuts were ridiculous to get to though – there is one upside down and sits on a metal plate… somehow the pliers managed to coax them off.

      This success is due to you Ted! If you didn’t post about the re-alignment solution (Excellet señor, excellet!) I think I would have never got it done. So thank you thank you thank you Ted! :D


    1. Thank you Rob!
      Hahaha, surely one will make itself apparent to you, and then you would be muttering things trying to fiddle with it right :p
      I think the Splendid 33 is one of the best travel typers!


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