Days Out

Good day Typospherians! :)

After months and months of procrastination, I finally got stuff for the typewriters! The list is quite long, and a lot things that’s pretty easy to get everywhere else is ridiculously hard to get around here in the Top End. The rubber specialty store here doesn’t sell rubber hosing. D: It’s also ridiculously expensive – my wallet is not a happy camper.

Anyhoo, just a quick share of the week:


1. the Senta arrived! It was incredibly well packed, and the seller did an amazing job ensuring that the typewriter was secure in the case and not jiggling around like a macarena. Unfortunately it was well and truly busted. The escapement wheel is disconnected and the carriage moves freely. I haven’t really had much to do with three bank machines, but the escapement and carriage assembly is so different to the other machines I have – one of the components is currently hanging rather precariously by the skin of it’s teeth and I might have to get a soldering iron to secure it to its rightful place.
It’s got the most elegant looking ampersand sign I have ever seen. The lock on the case is beautiful too. *sigh*
More to come in due time.


2. I finally wrote some letters! :D
Three for now, and I sent them off Thursday. I’m getting through the reply list, just 15 more to go. :)
OH! I also found out the posties has been cheating me of money!!! Postcards are $1.70 to send WORLDWIDE folks, don’t get fooled by the $2.35 stamp price for Europe/USA people. (As you might imagine, I was fuming mad when this was revealed to me. So I’m sorry if you feel like ripping off posties noses right now.)
I’m dedicating next week for letter writing and typewriter fixings, so I’ll be replying letters soon!


3. I got meself a haircut.
Rocking out the long bob and bowler hat look ;)

4. Embarrassing Moments:
Yesterday I spent the day in town while waiting for an interview (I didn’t get the job) and did the usual rounds and bought a few things. There’s a MASSIVE army ship with heaps of Americans docked in Darwin and it was just an awesome watching people all day.
The faces these guys pulled in the supermarket… that intense look of making the life and death decision… in the razor aisle… made me giggle.
I treated myself to the yummiest Japanese restaurant called Oishi-ya. I already knew what I was going to order: a delicious bowl of Shi-yo butter corn ramen. Empowered with my new haircut and rocking a linen dress looking like a Japanese housewife I thought it would be funny to order my noodles in Japanese. Waitress came and I revved myself to be all silly and Japanese like only to… uh… choke… and of course… uh… *points*. Hahaha! :D
Noodles came, slurpy slurp slurp and a group of Singaporean boys popped in. Groups of army boys pop by now and again, and somehow I always find myself sitting within earshot of them and just listen to them speak. Ear candy deliciousness.
It’s funny how easy it is to single out SIngaporeans here, and its funnier still when they try really hard to figure out if I’m Singaporean. It was exactly the case yesterday, and as I sat there I could feel eyes on me. Not creepy at all.
I stayed longer in the restaurant just to listen to the language like a stalkish old aunty. How I miss the laziness of the language, and the odd enunciation of words! (Palmerston = PAR-MEH-STEANG)
I was weighed my chances of ever seeing these guys again – probably never. So I did the unthinkable. I left the guys a post-it note saying “Thanks for the singlish hit” with the cashier and left.

Thinking I’ve made a complete FOOL of myself and I should probably go and hide, I went straight to Coles.
Mentally ticking off the “Be the stalker aunty” from my bucket list and thinking all was cool and these guys will never find me…. the unthinkable happened. One of the army guys came in Coles and came up to say hi to me. *facepalm*
He was quite nervous and opened his wallet and oh my goodness my post-it note was IN HIS WALLET?! and quickly asked if it was me and if I was Singaporean and if I was Anne Belle Francis (wife of an iconic Singaporean actor). Totally embarrassed I answered the questions with a chuckled, wished them good luck and scurried away.
Far, far away into the furthest aisles of Coles.

Then I had icecream.
End of story!

Hope your week was less embarrassing than mine! ;)
Have a great one guys!



  1. Oh dear, did the seller mention it wasn’t working? It’s a Fraktur machine right? The typewriter case (what I can see of it) is beautiful.

    Hahaha, you sent a note to a group of 18-20 year-old NS boys? The one that approached you must have been goaded or dared by the others. But hey, it’s not bad to be mistaken for Anna Belle Francis :)


    1. Hey you! I haven’t seen much of you lately so I hope all is well!!! Well it was mentioned that it wasn’t working and the carriage was free moving, and he did mention that the carriage string had snapped. It’s not a Fraktur machine, it’s italics!
      The typewriter case is in pretty bad shape too, but hopefully I’ll be able to do something about it!

      Hahaha, well and truly like a stalker aunty! The one that approached was by himself! True too, I wouldn’t mind being A.B.F! :3


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