Finally, and a Thank You



I finally got around on Monday to re-arrange my repair shelf and boxed up things and made two shelves free for WIP pieces. (Darn this nasty habit of doing things half-way and leaving it open) The husband is happy, and the pieces aren’t exposed to the spiders and dust bunnies looking for homes!

Currently on the shelf there’s a Olivetti Lettera 82 that is into its fourth month of being left open. I’ve finally ordered the supplies I require to finish this piece and given it a well deserved dunk and soak in the sink, so hopefully in time the finished piece will be worth the procrastination. The Tom Thumb toy typewriter also got a thorough clean.
Nightfall came and I decided to tackle that Remington Envoy III. The ribbon vibrator had ceased to function and had a few other minor problems… I had a problem of taking the body apart for some reason and left it with the other machines in the pile. I wrote about this awhile ago here. (oh man, that was almost two months ago. Meeeeep sorry K!)
Scott you were right, the top half did come off and BAM, I was in.
The outer body went straight to the sink for a scrub and the innards got a good scrub which righted the ribbon vibrator.


Sparkly clean and back with its owner now, hooray!
(+10 XP!)





Today: I think it was the rediscovered courage from this week’s fixings that I dared to open this Underwood 3 bank Portable up.
The escapement choked there for some reason, and all it needed is a little bit of lube and coaxing and it was flying again.


When I first received Tryp I thought the serial number was 8238 (which I can’t find now) and then I found this on the underside of the machine. Either numbers put Tryp in 1920 – 1921 (according to the awesome Typewriter Database that Ted has worked tiredlessly to put together, thanks Ted! :)) which makes her a rather grand ole’ machine.

She’s not 100% yet, the return carriage lever is not really working and there’s a persistent squeak in the carriage lift. I have yet to find some cleaner wax either, so that’s that to do still… and polish all the chrome.

After I packed Tryp away I had a small revelation:
Sure it took me a whole year to get her going, but oh wow… It’s been an awesome year and a bit learning how to repair typewriters. There’s heaps more to learn, and I can’t wait. I’ve only come this far because of the Typosphere – so THANK YOU TYPOSPHERE for being so darned awesome in offering help and teaching me all the how-to’s!

Alrighty, time to get going on those letters. I start my new job tomorrow, so I don’t have as much time as I thought I would have to tend to the pile. There’s more letters and cards to be made too, September is a black hole for birthdays – it’s all so bizarre.

Have a great week everyone :)
Partially written on a Underwood 3 bank Portable that is learning how to live again.



  1. Wow – you are so clever Nat. Not only do you take them apart but you can put them back together again with all bits working better. I’m very impressed! :D


  2. My God, you’re unstoppable! I’m gonna have to have a shot at dunking some of my machines in water one day, but I’m a little worried about the process. Maybe I’ll wait till summer.
    Excellent work!


    1. Ah hahaha, I’ll be stopping tomorrow onwards? Heh!
      You should try it at least once! Yeah, summer would be a good idea. It’s perpetually summer here so I get to clean whenever I need to. :p
      Thanks heaps!
      P.S I’m replying to your letter too ;)


  3. Good luck on the new job! I have to look for one soon myself, if I can get off my bum to do it, that is!

    It’s really good that you got Tryp going again. It’s a beautiful machine. I might be picking your brain soon for one of my typewriters :)


    1. Haha! I know how that feels, it’s quite terrible isn’t it? I actually enjoy being home… Probably too much! :3

      Aww thanks!
      Cool cool cool, can’t wait to catch up ;)


  4. Hi there,
    I recently acquired a Remington Envoy III and I have NO idea how to remove the bodywork. Could you give me a step-by-step guide in laymans terms please? I’m new to the typewriter game, ha.
    Thanks so much,


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