Sakura Pinks


Oh HAI!!!
I iz pinks. Tokyo pink ya ya yaz.


Photoshppes was is before paint buysez and I must sayz, itsa pruddi cloze to thinkess! (left’s PS’ed, righto’s real thuings!)


Zprayz wid no mazk is bad bad badz. Me thinkez inhaled enough pink thattz lungsa pruddi pinkz… HEH.
Brain no works no moares.


Awwww badz partz. Chippies and za too thickees.


Iz a pretty! ^_^

Terribly written on Sakura, newly painted Olivetti Lettera 82 by a very fumigated brain dead, fluorescent pink lungs Nat.



  1. I’m very happy elated gleeful euphoric jubilant to have stumbled into your blog and I don’t think it’s all due to the remnant fumes. That’s a fine-looking paint job, and I agree the pink and gray color combo works. I recall that being very popular on the stucco homes in San Francisco’s Sunset District in ti 60’s. I’m looking forward to further posts – I loved the “stalker aunty” post” plus all the amateur typewriter repair inspiration.



  2. Looks great! Sorry for the toxic fume inhalation and glad your dog is okay :) In the U.S., I’ve seen direct to plastic paint that I’d like to try at some point.


    1. Thanks Dwayne!
      Yeah, I was looking for direct to plastic paints here and Australia just doesn’t stock up on any. :(
      I’m sure it’ll do a much better job! Good luck with your spraying projects Mr. D ;)


  3. You might have taken 10 years off your life (joking) but you probably put $100 on the price tag should you come to sell it. Folks love those fancy colours. I’d be tempted to heat-cure the paint in the oven. You should get a harder, chip-resistant finish. Not the plastic case though.


    1. Hahaha, you might be right about taking 10 years off my life – it most surely feels like it!
      I’m not too sure what to do with it just yet. I might let the fog lift from my mind before making any decisions. ;)

      Heat-cure! I’ve never heard of heat curing… do you just chuck it in the oven at 60degrees for 4 hours or so?
      Hmmm. I have three or so other pieces that’s due for a paint job. Thanks heaps for the tip ;)
      Yeah I took a chance with this plastic one!


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