No Serifs Dear


I wrote that when the sun was still around — I managed to wrangle a letter from my fingers today. Tomorrow I should have two more ready to go, and more artwork done.
Later today a package came containing this:

You know I love my San Serifs. :)
More next time.

Pseudo shout-writings on Radio Mill Royal Arrow and mystery typer.

P.S. All pictures are mine. If you wanna use any of my pictures to sell a similar typewriter (or anything), please don’t. Please invest in a camera and take your own photos.



    1. I suppose all fonts end up in the serif or san serif category… can’t imagine any other parent categories just yet. Might need an hour or so to wake up :)
      Thanks Nick!


  1. Being a Navy veteran I’m partial to Navy typewriters! Thanks for saving this one and showing it to us! Oddly I don’t have more than one or two military typewriters myself. I guess you’d think I would… but I don’t!


    1. Oh! Military typewriters aren’t very common, and I was lucky to have won this early in my collection. Some days I feel bad for nicking a bit of US history :p
      Love seeing your collection Will! :D


  2. I can recall you didn’t really like your last job. It’s probably a good thing it ended. Do hope it won’t take you to long to find a new job! One you do like of course.


    1. Well, technically it was my last last job. The last job was a data entry one where worked myself to early unemployment… And it was quite fun. :)
      Thanks for the well wishing! Now to scour all the internets for a job. Heh.


  3. hey nat. nice to have a glimpse of your working/typing? station. :)
    somehow your new blog post notification is not coming into my fb feed.
    now I want a radio mill typer but I really shouldn’t…

    hmm… wonder what is mystery typer? catch up soon.


  4. Oh, nice! Just letting you know that the correspondence arrived yesterday! Dang, one could almost swim from Australia in the almost two months it took for a letter to get to the U.S.


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