Three P’s a partyyyyy

Prototype one -pffffft.
I used the knob from Blimey as a master mould…
PFFFFFT. Moulded mess.
Ah, functional rollers at last!  The typecast proves rollers are magic.
I have to start using this guy more.
*Little tick off my to-fix-list, insert little dance*
I’m thoroughly party pooped. Hope you’re having a great time everyone!

Typed on freshly repaired Verdell, 1931 vogue typeface Royal Model P with tabulator, in dire need of a ribbon change and typeslug clean out.

P.S. All content on this blog, unless stated otherwise, is copyright Nat T. of natslaptaps.


  1. Lovely model P’s. Thanks for giving them an outing and showing them to us. They remind me of my red vogue model P incarcerated in the dungeon awaiting a re-paint. It’s time to rehabilitate it and give it a go in the halfway house of machines vying for a position in the letter-writing rotation. Your typecast also unfortunately inspires me to acquire more machines with interesting fonts – an interest in typefaces has given me yet another excuse to collect.


    1. You’re re-painting your Model P? I can’t wait to see that!
      Hahaha, I’m sorry! Welcome to the typeface hording, may the typefaces find you in the cheapest possible prices ;)


  2. PPPerfection! :D
    Good job on the roller replacement and it was at least a game attempt and fabricating a new knob. Even a failed attempt teaches us something about new methods that’s valuable for our future attempts (:


  3. Lovely Ps….beautiful job cleaning them up! I love that vogue typeface all over again everytime I see it; almost as much as the Graphika typefaces :) Where do you get the replacement feed rollers? Do they come in different sizes?


    1. Thanks Inky! :D
      Vogue is one of my favourite typefaces, but I really should use all the other machines on my shelf too! A Graphika would be great, but I’m very content with what I have now ;)
      I bought rubber hosing from an auto shop in three different sizes. Just wrote up a blog post about it!


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