Year Long Adler

This Adler has been in the good hands of a dear friend for nearly a year. (Thank you lah dear!) I’ve finally got my hands on it and I can’t wait to take this baby home and shine it till it glows.

Enough said, pictures talk.



More later, we’re just about to hop out again – as soon as I extract myself from this divine massage chair…

Pictures belong to Nat Tan of natslaptaps. Yes, it’s my typewriter.


  1. WOWWEE thanks everyone for the comments — sorry I couldn’t answer sooner.

    T. Munk: It’s not as weird as it seems, it’s a lot smoother than what I thought it would be… I think the line of view is weirder for me! :p

    inkleaves: Yes from Piradee! Sorry we didn’t get to meet up this time! Definitely will next trip over :)

    Scott K and John: It’s a lot darker in person, hopefully you’ll get to see it in person soon ;) Thanks heaps! ;)

    Richard P: Eeeeeee I’m still so excited that this is mine now! I have no idea when it was made. I haven’t gotten around to cleaning it and I haven’t found the serial number yet but I’m thinking 1950’s.

    Rob Bowker:I had to google Marlene Dietritch, she’s a beaut!


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