Happy Holidays for 2013!

Happy Holidays for 2013!

With all the love,
Nat and The Laptaps

P.S. Just a quick post — I have lots to write about, but I’ll been quite ill. Nothing major, just a flu bug that loves me little bit too much. I hope the holiday season is sick-free for you, where ever you are. Stay safe everyone!


  1. Here’s wishing you a fine Christmas and a flu-free 2014. Wow, i see you’ve been battling it on and off since at least November. That sounds like the frequent allergy-caused sinus flare-ups we have here in the California foothills. I’m greatly looking forward to your posts in the coming year – always cheery. Just took another look at your photos of the colorful model P’s that “came out to play” – now that’s cheery!

    All the best, Nat,



    1. Thanks Tony! Well November is the start of the wet season here in Darwin, so the alternate wet and humid hot might be the culprit to this silly flu… This round of the flu might just be exhaustion and lack of proper sleep from Singapore.
      Always looking forward to your posts too Tom – always fantastic ;)
      I’m thinking of adding more P’s to the ahem, horde… Though another range has caught my attention.

      Thanks again Tony!
      Healthy holidays everyone!


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