Singapore 2013 – CSHH

This could count as my first typewriter date! J and I hopped to Chye Seng Huat Hardware for a nice breakfast. It’s a very quaint place, and I do love the industrial interior design feel. The middle island is also a brilliant idea. Apparently they have great coffee, though I can’t comment about it because I don’t drink coffee. They have a great hot chocolate though! :p



Orange friands, scone, hot chocolate and J’s cuppa.


J’s trio of meats platter.

We scoffed our food  then whipped out the typewriters!
I brought my Adler and J brought along her beautiful Underwood Quiet Tab (called Skipper), and I had some quality one-on-one time with it. Now I want one, darn it.
The Underwood Quiet Tab is so handsome in the tux and the paper feed holders look like antlers on a stag beetle. The type feel exudes assurance and is oh-so-smooth like sliding along the floor on smooth peanut butter. Weird, I know.


The handsome un’s.


A couple of people asked us about the typewriters and had a go at typing


I really do love the pot like font and the slight curl in the numerals.


CSHH has cool stores in the immediate area – there’s a room right next door that sells coffee, a Roastary where they roast the beans (I think I’ve just made that term up!) and an art space upstairs!


I had a nice chat to this fella from Melbourne in the coffee shop!


The machines in the roasting place made me happy and sad. At that point I remember wanting to go home and clean my Adler up.




We didn’t stay too long as I had to run off to meet another group of people and drop off the Adler at the hotel at we were staying at. It was a brief meeting but it was SO GOOD — many thanks J! ^_^
It was like a little window into what the Brisbane Type-In will be like, can’t wait!


Very excited me. Yup.


  1. What a beautiful and happy scene!

    Yes, the Underwood DQT (in 3 lovely versions) is a neat, distinctive typewriter. A bit rattly in its carriage return, but I’m picky.


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