Purpled Oliver Courier

After I received my first Oliver Courier Portable I fell in love with the curves and type feel. Another piece in drab grey and missing a badge popped up on eBay so I just put a reasonable bid on it thinking that it was too small a bid to win.
A little over two weeks later it landed on my doorstep.

oliver c20140102-212828.jpg

And boy did I have plans for it!
It was going to get a nice coat of some nice paint to compliment the black keys and a remodeled badge made of mouldable plastic. After a few hours of Photoshopping possible colors, pale yellow won and I went ahead to purchase a few cans of spray paint and magic plastic.

That was sometime in August.

Fast forward to October:
I decided to streamline my collection so I offered this piece up painted mellow yellow. A lady got very interested in buying a typewriter around this time and to cut the long story short, chose to get this Oliver Courier resprayed violet.




Two days later, clothes back on and my, my.
I really liked it.


#1 and #2 side by side. Such a handsome couple.

The paint was left to cure for the duration of my Singapore trip, and the last thing to do was the badge. I had it all in my head — use #1’s badge as a mould, spend a little bit of time doing up the name of the new owner, stick it all together and hand over to the excited mother who was going to gift the typewriter to her daughter.
It was only when I took the above picture I realised that the badges were not of the same shape. *face palm*

I’ve used this mouldable plastic one other time in efforts to make a replacement knob for Peacherine, a Royal Model P. It was rather easy to use, but I was impatient in building my prototypes and moulds. This time I pulled a chair over to the counter, plonked my bum on it and made sure I stayed there while crafting the badge over the next two or so hours.
The initial design (scribbled on the scrap of paper) I had in mind was simple and obviously over-ambitious. The black base was not as easy to do but somehow managed with a good looking piece and went on cutting thin strips of white plastic for the letters. Time chugged on and this was the end result:





Wrapped up and ready for pick up.


Sakura pink Olivetti L82 also went to its new home same day as Violet.

I was pleased to hear the new owner loves her new Oliver Courier albeit a small issue with the line sights catching paper in the feed action. Small fix for another time… Time to get going on all the other pending projects!
(3 spray paint jobs, 10 pieces due for cleaning, countless pieces to fix and so much more…)



  1. Great job on the badge – I’m impressed with your handiness in realizing artistic visions. And you captured the Oliver font perfectly! But you’re probably going to get me into trouble – although I’ve got some candidates, I’ve not yet attempted the repaint projects that this post is likely to inspire!


    1. Thanks Spider! Yeah that grey was a bit sad… And I’m really wanting to respray the other pieces I got, but this humidity and record high temperatures is just being silly!


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