Wish List

Darn this heat, urgh… Can’t write proper anymore!

Currently on the table.

Thanks for reading my whinge binge.
I know I should be content with what I got but I still have a couple of machines on my wish list to go. It’s up on the top bar if anyone can help.

It’s sooooooo hot today that the cold water from the tap feels hotter than the hot water tap. (And our hot water is set quite high!)

Ugh. Time for me to be bogan and lie on the tiles.
Typed on Olympia Splendid 33, long overdue for a makeover.


  1. My God, that sounds hot. Where do you live? Hell? What kind of temperature are we talking? I have to say it hasn’t been much of a summer here in Melbourne so far. Pretty crappy weather actually. Could be a late one, this year. Hang in there, Nat.


    1. Hahaha!!! Well as a gauge… well, it’s 9:49pm and it’s 30 degrees, and it feels like 35 degrees apparently. There’s a cyclone hanging around in WA, so that’s probably the lead up to a spectacular storm this weekend. Can’t wait.
      Well I’m sure we’ll take Melbourne’s weather over Darwin anytime. ;)


  2. Know how you feel. The other side of the coin is when you leap into action and buy one and then wish you hadn’t, either because you see a better typewriter you could have bought, or the same one but cheaper. Wow that wish list – good taste but expensive taste (probably). :)


    1. Well.. the thing was I could afford this one and it was a very good price with postage >.<
      Hahaha, I'd probably buy both in that situation! ;)

      Thanks! I suppose that's why they call it a Wish-List… keep wishing! :p


  3. Well, here in Ohio we are suffering from an Arctic chill of near-record proportions.

    Which typewriter did you miss out on? Can you reveal it?

    Sounds like your husband is a keeper. :)


  4. You’re in deep pschological trouble now, Nat. I know from where I speak, having missed out on something red in the onset of my typewriter problem. I forget even what it was – doesn’t even matter. The poit is that I was in such a lather of pent up red typewriter lust that I spent way too much on the next red typer that came along – I think about $350. Other than my high school SM3 and a Royal 10 rescued from a trash can in the 1960’s, that was my first typer. I was way clueless then, so it is at least fortunate that it was a quite decent Valentine. Anyhow, be warned! I love your desk!


    1. Oh Tony I think your warning came just a little late — I won two things last night costing me a *gulp* lot!!! The moment I got up this morning I had the worst case of buyers guilt, haha!

      Thanks heaps Tony, I’m just about to blog about it and ask what everyone else’s table is like!


  5. What do you call the font this is typed in? I just bought an Olympia Splendid 33 ($5) and it has the same font which I love!


    1. Congrats on the great find! (Jealous much here) You’ll have to check how many characters make an inch (CPI, characters per inch) – there’s a 10 CPI and a 12 CPI. Mine is the smaller one called italics elite. ;)


  6. Thanks. My tapemeasure says its 11 cpi but maybe I am measuring it wrong? Have sent some letters already using it and sourced replacement ribbons cheap :)


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