#OTTT is “On The Table Today”. Feel free to make it the next #OOTD (Outfit of the Day). :3
The new year brings change — so I re-arranged things on my table to make more space for frequently used things and put away things that aren’t really used. There’s heaps of little treasures in the cabinets, and there’s a mini Ayer’s Rock of envelopes… some how I have something like 10 rulers and 6 pairs of snip scissors.
Seriously, who needs that many?! D:

2014 will be the year I cut down on my stationary budget. By 80%. Fingers and toes crossed. I’ve also written down “using what I have” as a Thing-to-do-this-year. If all goes well and procrastination and laziness loses, this would translate into more postcards and letters… I still have letters I have not replied to from last year, meeep.


Stacked up the paper drawers and condensed my pots of pens to make way for the new stuff.


Picked up these non-slip spice trays from IKEA’s AS-IS corner in Singapore for $3 a piece.
I love IKEA. I love the AS-IS corner more.


I had to ditch my DIY washi holder after my Singapore trip – picked up some rolls of thick MT tape that I think will go very nicely with the letter decorating style in mind and unpacked some rolls of washi tape that were gifted to moi.
The spice tray are perfect. Non-slip, holds about 60 rolls of tape per tray (!!!) and the open concept gets me using the tape more. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to one tray. They’re like rabbits on a honeymoon!

So this is what I had on my table this week:


All for a friend’s wedding: made two stamps and used it to stamp 100 mini jam jar labels.


Then went on to write names for the jar top label, calligraphy style.
It’s going to be used for the seating arrangements.




So Typosphere, what’s on your tables?
Messy or not, I’m curious of what you have!


      1. I’m not very good with lot’s of clutter. I used to clean and tidy the desk when r3boot and I were living together, well… let me say it was one of the reasons we don’t share a desk anymore! ;-)

  1. Nice setup for creative crafting :) Most of my stuff is hidden in drawers, so my tabletop is not as interesting and colourful as yours. Seems I never have enough desktop space for anything to be left out. I recently rustled up a noticeboard too, with mostly notes and reminders on them. It really needs more pictures and art on it!


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