Happy Random Valentines



Coincidentally it’s Chinese Valentines Day in the Chinese calendar too! Shimmy shimmy double celebra-tee!
Clickee for last year’s Valentines post »



Snow-whi… grey, right, it’s really a grey.



Slowly getting back into the swing of letter writing

Double Valentines, Sochi and ITAM, couldn’t this post be more packed?!
Onwards to the typewriter goodies!

A lady I know was clearing out things from her late mother’s home and found this *uh-may-zing* books and was just about to chuck it out (EGAD) and remembered a widdle someone someone that has typewriters at home. I haven’t had time to look through it just yet…



A ream of Bond paper and two books

eBay has been too difficult to ignore. Along side to leather goods for my craft adventure, I stumbled across a set of “Typewriter Mystery Games” that there was no way I could not not have them! They arrive a couple of nights ago and they are they the most intriguing things: they’re coming along to the Brisbane March Type In!


Set of 8 magic books




Epic fail concentration. I blame Sochi!


Lunch today: Fried egg, balsamic mushrooms with marinated feta on poppyseed bagels with some green things

Egad, the time!
Thanks for reading and have a puppy lovey V-Day everyone! ^_^
Till the next round of random stories, distractedly typed on Olivetti Valentine S





  1. The white valentines look somewhat anemic, though perhaps it is the white background that make them so. Those mystery games look like they will turn up some fun patterns and pictures.


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