ITAM – Displays

Just a quick post before I get going on letter writing:
Typewriter displays! Mr. Messenger from oztypewriter, has been a lucky bloke scoring these cabinets for his gorgeous typewriters, and Mr. Ton from idreamlo-tech asked in his recent ITAM post:

“It’s International Typewriter Appreciation Month (ITAM). How do you showcase your typewriters at your place?”


Main shelves in the arctic study. I’ve loaned out quite a few machines so the shelves aren’t that full.


Front view of the shelves. I might have to get a third unit soon.


This shelving unit sits in the lounge, full of typewriters that’s in need of cleanings and fixes.

The main collection sits on some shelving units from the local Bunnings in the study. I’ve been trying to display more machines — especially those that doesn’t have cases, but I often over-worry about the Darwin humidity, heat and dust affecting the collection. The air-con is on pretty much half the day in the study, so they are quite safe. DIY plastic covers are on the list, but there’s heaps of other stuff that’s higher up on the list.

I can’t quite say the same for the lounge shelving — a couple of the cases had sprouted spots of furry mould. I spent the next two hours eradicating the invasion. I may have used up a whole packet of wipes. Yikes.

Mini displays:
The Mignon I got recently came with three type sets and I’ve got another on the way. Getting some display/organisers is a great way to keep the type sets in its pairs and shielding them from the Darwin elements. I went straight to eBay with measurements and boy-oh-boy was I so wrong about finding the right size easily!

Hopes dashed, today I made a run for Bunnings today looking to replenish my supply of typewriter cleaners (which, incidentally had none boooooo) and came home with this winner of a plastic box with removable compartments:


Almost perfect fit for $2.60!


Padded the box with some tissue paper for now – I might use felt!

Bunnings, you’re the best.
I’ve also got a small horde of typewriter books, manuals and ribbons that I’ve just tucked away in an archive box. Not sure how to display them just yet.

So, what’s your display like? :)

Thanks for reading guys, de-procrastinating immediately to address *some* over-due letter writing.



  1. Hi Nat, those Bunnings shelving units look quite strong.I bought a shelving unit at IKEA which fits 3 portables per shelf (5) flat), so 15 typewriters max. I do wonder if my shelving unit will bear the weight long term – since each shelf is only supported by two bolts at either end. I must get around to taking a group photo of my typewriters one day, but like you, I have a backlog of typewriter clean-ups and fixes to get around to. See you at the type-in!


    1. Hey Steve!
      At $17 a set I can’t complain! Weight limit on mine is about 40kg for each shelf. I can’t seem to find it on the Bunnings site anymore – I might have to swoop down and grab what I can, argh!
      Hahaha, I think the backlog is never-ending.
      See you sooooon! :D


  2. wow, display shelving – what a luxury! :D
    I basically keep mine in stacks underneath my work table except for whatever’s in rotation, which is lined up on my stereo cabinet. The fixer-uppers are all in the Press Room in various stages of disassembly. Luckily, the desert air here is way too dry for mold – probably the main reason my finds tend to be in such good condition. Cat hair is my main problem, which I solve by simply keeping the machines in their cases when not in use.

    Your solution is much prettier (:


    1. But but… you have a PRESS ROOM! :D
      Every time I look at pictures of the Press Room I find half an hour has past and a pool of *ahem* shame-job drool on the floor.

      You could… always vacuum the cat? :p

      Awww thank you Ted :)


  3. Nice set-up, Nat! Can’t wait for the day that I get my ones out of the wardrobe and onto a display shelf. Might have to thin the collection down a little first.


  4. Nice rack! Just like Munk cat hair is my main problem, which I also solve by keeping the machines in their cases when not in use. Two of the machines (which don’t have cases) are displayed in my cabinet of things. The two standards, also without cases, are covered by towels to protect them from hairs. Doesn’t work wonders, because my cats really love towels and occasionally try to sleep on them…


  5. Hey nice work, just checked in- the shelves are awesome! Bunnings truly is an emporium of the finest wares, a place of kings. I would also worry about the mould and damp of a Darwin wet season, it’s bad enough here in summer, though it looks like you’ve got it well under control. That Green Royal Model P or whatever it is, that’s a beauty.


    1. Hey Steve! Thank you so much :)
      Bunnings is awesome but I would trade one for an Ikea any day!!!
      I’ve just got myself 40 packs of silica gel – hopefully the mould stays at bay.
      That would be Blimey, lime green Model P ;)

      See you sooooon! :D


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