Brisbane Hours 31+

Hang in there, I’m nearly done!

After the Type-In Scott gave me a lift to the airport — and met up with Steve K again. Steve was heading back to Perth on a flight just before mine. The queue into the airport gates were really long! The men at the scanners looked at our cases with much suspicion. I think it was about 20 minutes or more before we got through and sat down at the nearest cafe.

Oh, did I mention?
I failed the first explosions test in Darwin.
The guy had to test himself and then me twice over before letting me through. He definitely gave my Adler the I’m-watching-you stare… Thank goodness I didn’t hold up the line in Brisbane!

Anyway, back to hot chocolates.
It was then Steve mentioned getting from Brisbane to Perth was about 5 hours — making my 4 hour plane ride home a bit more bearable. We squeezed in a good ole’ chat before Steve’s gate opened. He made the mad dash to get on the plane and I walked towards my gate which was a good 20 gates away.

The flight back to Darwin was ummm, interesting and scary. I must have struck gold or something on the flight and sat next to the only baby on the whole plane. It was a cute bubba but she cried a pretty nasty cry but quickly settled down once the plane was in the air and melatonin kicked in. Not too bad, I thought.
Then we hit turbulence jackpot.
At one stage it felt like the plane had taken a nose dive… then in the scariest of roller coaster fashions the plane made it back up and went bumpity bump bump all the way back to Darwin.
The touch down… uhh… all I can say that it made people cry. In my delirium I was sure the wing had broken off and the plane was doomed for a fiery end. People were running out of the plane to solid ground upon landing. I may or may not have been one of them.


Forgotten egg Benedict picture. My innards after that flight might have very well looked like this. Well, less yummy looking.

What did I bring back to sunny Darwin from the Type-In?

  • Technical knowledge and courage about typewriters. I’ve always feared about the escapement area and mainsprings, but the guys talked about it like it’s a jog in the park.
  • The confirmation that I wasn’t the only person in Australia with bidding trigger finger :p
  • That it’s okay to have more than 10 typewriters in the house. 30 doesn’t sound too bad either.
  • Maybe I should get a standard typewriter.
  • The re-confirmation why we collect, repair and use typewriters. They are timeless pieces and have history, take part in the present and should have a spot in the future.
  • Writing short stories isn’t as hard as I thought. I definitely should write more.
  • Rekindled motivation to repair and clean my horde! Must be working – plowed through 5 this weekend. :)
  • Fond memories and stories of Brisbane, fish and chips, and beautiful typewriters.
  • Two typewriters, heh. :3

In any case, the 32 hours of Brisbane was absolutely fantastic and I can’t thank the Brissy mates enough. You guys are just something else altogether — kudos to you guys for organising another successful Type-In!
Meeting everyone in person was such a joy, and shed insights blogs can’t convey.  I really do appreciate it.

Last of all, THANK YOU SCOTT for the over-flowing generosity and taking me out on a proper typewriter hunt and the tour around Brisbane and all the other things I didn’t mention.
I’m sorry if I chatted your ears off with my constant questions too. XD

Ok. All done! :)


  1. Yeah that long security-check queue at the airport was a bit scary. It’s funny the look they give you when they x-ray your typewriter. :) Glad to know you and your typewriters made it back in one piece.


    1. Hey Steve!
      Hahaha, the Darwin security guys are the funniest. I don’t think I blogged about it, but I really should! :)

      Thanks heaps Steve, I’m glad you made it back in one piece too!


  2. No no! I don’t want it to be “all done”! I’ve been having way too much fun reading your and all the other’s posts on the events at and surrounding Brisbane. And besides there’s that tale about Darwin airport security, and how you are enjoying the typers you brought home. For sure, nab a standard when you get the chance. They are a much different writing experience from portables. I’d recommend an Underwood 5.


    1. Hahaha thank you Tony! :D I wish it wasn’t “all done” too, but I suppose every beginning has an end.
      Yes, I’ve been on a blogging roll and have about 5 post lined up already — just need to space it out and make it last long time!


  3. Them’s several very well written write-ups there, fun reads about a fun weekend. Nothing like a freaky flight to remind you’re alive, pleased to hear you didn’t need to get plucked from the Timor Sea by a rescue helicopter


    1. Hey! :D
      Thanks heaps, it was so much fun! We should have something like that when I get back in July, I’d love to see everyone.
      OH MAN, I am so happy to have made it… and not in a billion pieces. Maybe my Adler would have survived.
      Just maybe.


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