Tuesday Indigos

Well that is if you follow the colours of the rainbow — after Monday blues, Tuesday’s indigo.
It’s my colleague’s birthday today too, fancy getting presents from the birthday girl! Really need to get used to AZERTY boards. Darn them misplaced “A’s”!


Needs a little love, but it’s a promising piece! Maybe I should spray this Indigo.

I couldn’t try anything out just yet as the cartridge is disassembled. The platen feels like new though. Springy like a spring chook (chicken). Hah, I just realised that the typewriter I was using in the typecast was a shade of purple too. Mmmmm. I have a post lined up for that piece, rather exciting! :D

Just a quick shout out:
I’m needing parts/pieces/typewriteranings, and these are on the priority list:

  • A set of ribbon spool covers for a Corona 4 — preferably the 6 slot one.
  • Ribbon spools for the Corona 4 — or can anyone advice me what other spools would fit the 4’s too please?
  • Type sets for Mignon — Script, Pica, Perl maybe Russian? Hit me!
    I currently have four types: Plaketschrift (Bulletin), D.4.Kursiv (Italics), Frakturschrift (Fraktur) and Schecksicherung (Check Perforater).
  • Micro font typewriter that types more than 12 CPI. Diamond or manuscript, not fussed.
  • User guide/repair manual for a Senta.

I would appreciate all the help possible, even if it’s a eBay or Etsy listing. I almost bought the spool covers off a keychopper, but somehow it didn’t work out. Was going to post it up on the Facebook page and forum but the last time I posted something things turned a little sour.

Bed time for me, thanks for reading and have a great tomorrow!



  1. Best of luck finding those pieces. I also remember that over-priced L12 in Bris. Cute piece and all, but oh dear. Glad you got one!


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