Airport vs Typewriters

This happened in November from Darwin to Singapore and I totally forgot to blog it! Hope it helps with the Monday blues ;)

*walks in with two typewriters in hand to the security scans in the airport*

Guy in front of the scanner: “is that a laptop?”
Chick at the screen of the scanner: “It’s a typewriter right? Right? Right?
Wait hold on… it’s allowed in the airport right?!”
Serious guy at the end of the scanner: “Can you please open it up.”
*me all worried that I’ll get in trouble and opens the case up*
Serious guy’s face lights up and asks if I work at the courts. Two other officers join in and we have a nice chat.

Felt really good having that chat with the security guys, then we moved to the international customs…

Customs guy in most dalek voice:
What the heck is a typewriter?”



  1. Truly amazing how people are ignorant of the past. More and more I am realizing that my life experience reaches much further back than that of most people. Besides typewriters, that experience includes a world without computers, freeways, and the explosion of franchise restaurants. Worth a post of my own.

    Great post, Nat. At least the typewriter is being brought back into notice thanks to the energy of the Typosphere.


  2. I can echo that. The only negative was when ZRH security broke the left knob off my Tippa, didn’t tell me, and hustled me on my way. I discovered it when i wanted to typecast at the gate.


  3. I go through this a lot. I travel virtually every week for business and to keep myself occupied and out of trouble while away from home, I search Craigslist ….. and then get into trouble. :-) The most machines that I’ve acquired one week away from home was three, but I had brought a Skyriter with me, so I had four machines to get home. The conversations at the scanners are priceless. Only one agent at this airport, when he sees me coming with cases in my arms, rolls his eyes, the rest are anxious to see what I found that week. :-) Nice work, Nat!


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