25 things in 250 days

Hope this holidays has been good to you.

I’m getting around the backlog of everything this long weekend — TV shows, laundry, blogging, chores, typewriter cleanings, you name it! Jumping straight to today’s post:

This post was typed out ages ago on Scarelette (red Corona 4) and the ribbon advance decided to play up. Switching to Lyla (lavender Corona 4) who had a really odd same spot mid carriage jam as seen in the attempted typecast below didn’t seem too clever an idea.

Ugh that blotches!

I wasn’t happy at all with the typecast and then spent the next couple of days giving the escapement area a good clean, and basically kicked it into submission. The carriage works perfectly now, just haven’t quite had the chance to pound out a good typecast just yet…

Anyway, back to the 250 days thing.
There’s a thing going around the Internets — set a number or goals and aim to complete them in a certain number of days. It’s a wee bit like new year resolutions with a ticking dateline. I’m not sure about you, but most of my past new year resolutions dissolved by March.

The bandwagon asks for 100 things to be done in 1001 days, but 100 things seemed like quite a feat. I barely made the 25 things that I would like to do by the end of the year, most of them are little “to-try” and “to-make” things.

The list is here: 25 in 250.

Would love to see your lists if you have one!
Meanwhile… enjoy the chocolate wrabbits and egg squashin’ hunts guys.


  1. Hi Nat, how’s it going with that monster mystery package? Since I’m hopeless at multi-tasking – I like to think about one task at a time. A list of 25 would be too much pressure! :)


    1. Hey Steve, it’s pretty far down on the “to-clean-and-fix” list but I’ll be blogging about it very soon! :)

      25 not as bad as 100 me thinks! A lot of the tasks are easy ones to pair up with anyway — like being vegan and dairy free. :3


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