Winner Winner Monster Dinner!

Last week I posted this monster of a package asking for your guesses:


If you haven’t had a guess yet, take a minute to guess!

Here’s some hints:

  1. Not a Selectric… or any sort of electric typewriter.
  2. Wide carriage. 17 and three-quarter inches of rubber.
  3. It does not have ribbon functionality.
  4. It does have typing functionality, albeit strange.
  5. Not a braille or cheque writing machine.


Tell me when!





Yeah it’s the monster in the back.

Can’t quite tell yet? Here’s the pictures from the eBay listing:




What is this?
It’s a hulk with strange characters!
It points and it smashes!
It roars!
It terrorizes with its red rust frothing at the mouth!

This. Is. GOJIRA!
Or, you know it as Godzilla (ゴジラ), which incidentally, will be out in the theaters next month. :3

credits of

Yeah. It’s a Japanese typewriter.
Congrats Ted on getting the closest guess!

Quick details.
Brand is Kokuyo, model make TW-3138, serial number 830219, probably made in the 1960’s. Mechanically Gojira is rusty as, the carriage lever is being silly and the carriage isn’t advancing as it should quite yet. I’m sure after a good flush and more discovering of the typing mechanism it’ll be stumbling smashing paper like its namesake.
Time to invest in that rust stuff!

I’ve got a couple of videos of its rather distinctive typing mechanism but I might leave that for another post, WordPress is being silly and not uploading them… and I’m heading off to bed.

Thanks for reading the supplies guys!
(Just one more time, I love this GIF :D )



  1. Ha! I knew it had to be one of those crazy, thousand-character semi-index asian machines. It just fit your lust for typefaces too well :D

    Now get it working and make a typecast!


  2. I’ve also been waiting. ;) Does it have a row of Latin alphabet characters as well? I think I remember seeing one if these that did.


  3. woah, you’re headed in a whole new direction with typewriters with that one! Make a video of how it works, please :) If it’s mostly kanji Japanese, then you can type Chinese chars as well. Cool!


    1. Hee hee, I’m sure there’s others out there… Video, definitely!
      It’s got quite a few Chinese characters, but I haven’t found some simple ones like small (xiao) just yet.


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