These couple of weeks have not been too kind healthwise.

Got meself a rather large cold sore on my chin a couple of weeks ago.
It came out of no where — a cluster of blisters appeared and burst like a juicy lemon. Thoroughly disgusting.
Spent a few nights with gross fevers and split sores. My husband said one night I was delirious. Hmmmm. I was getting a little antsy with the sore, it was just getting bigger and the cold sore cream we had got was doing nothing.

Finally went to see a doctor yesterday morning and he took a swab… Not too sure what it is just yet, but we’ll know for sure next week when the results come back. Till then, I’ve got an antiviral, antibiotics and cream for the sore.

As if that isn’t enough!

Yesterday arvo I went on to the softball game… in the second game I ran to second base and did a half slide trying to beat a force play. My right foot stuck out to make the base, my left foot folding under my right knee just to make the landing a bit more comfy… and I watched my left foot getting caught on the edge of the base, crumpling with massive, heart wrenching “pop”.

That “pop” reminded me very much of when I fractured and dislocated my elbow. I couldn’t quite feel my ankle either, so we popped into the hospital just to make sure the ankle was intact. My stud husband basically piggybacked me from the game to the car.

3 hours later we left the hospital with my ankle tubular wrapped and me awkward on crutches — “It’s just a sprain” the hospital folk said.
Had dinner in town with the fam-bam which was nice. Had to get around a fair bit from the Japanese place to the yogurt store.

I’m beginning to think that the crutches was a bad idea. It’s given me the worst bum to calf strains and bruised armpits rendering me utterly useless today and not quite being able to do anything I’ve been wanting to do but blog!

It’s all good.

Hope you’re all well guys.
Stay safe!


  1. Whoa! A rough couple of weeks. Luckily, the ankle is just a sprain, I suppose. Oh well, take things very easy, Nat. Maybe catch up on some reading?
    Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.


  2. Given the rather graphic descriptions, I suppose it’s not the best time to say: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Get well soon.


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