Brothers Grey


The foot and time has finally let me into the shed to clean a Royaluxe 400 and a Olympia SM3 up.




This Royaluxe came pretty clean and both knobs oddly removed. I suspect it was from a tinker’s home — The slugs were immaculate, the innards looking pretty as pie, the fabulous type feel. The keys needed quite a clean, and remedied a few naggy problems. The dead zip on the case is something I can’t fix, so there need to be some hunting for a simple solution.

It’s turned out to be a really steady, snappy machine, and proving to be a formidable typer!

grey olympia




Dumb me thought I’d scored a white Olympia SM3. I basically kicked myself laughing when I opened the case up.
Like most light coloured crinkle paint machines this one had the case of “sweat spots” (as I like to call it). The yellowed touched-most-areas took awhile to scrub off, but the overall light greyness is very, very nice. This is also the first lower SM series that does NOT have squashed rubber grommets. They look like brand new!
Oh, the platen looked like it had been sandpapered quite severely. I did try to raise the alignment to get a flusher print for a couple of hours… only to realise that there was no way to raise it as much as I wanted because there was another mechanism part that sat in the way, and I had to adjust it back to where it was originally. Hopefully there’s some bike tubing that I can get tomorrow.


I’m very glad I got to do something typewriter related today. Now I just have to get going on the letter stack. It’s really embarrassing that I haven’t actually typewritten a letter since last year…. and it’s June already! There’s a new machines that I’d like to blog about, but that’s what a backlog is for, no? :) (I think I’ve had some machines for nearly a year already and not made it to the blog!)
Oh yes, thanks for all the well wishes guys: the foot is still recovering. A bruise developed about a week ago, and is still there, covering most of my ankle in a weird blueish hue and causing some worry. It was two weeks ago that it got the slidey-widey, and the recovery is awfully slow. I think watching the FIFA World Cup doesn’t help either. The whooping Netherlands gave to Spain was sooper fantastic, and I couldn’t help put hobble jump with Van Persie’s crazy header!

Wooookay, it be time for bed now — thanks for reading guys.
Hobbling onwards!


Owwie :(






  1. Very good looking Olympia. Discovering the mechanisms and how to tweak and adjust really is part of the fun of exploring a new machine :)
    Congrats on the brothers (and ‘beterschap’).


  2. Ouch, that foot! Still, as it learned this week, things can always be worse.
    Nice job on the two tapers. Try colouring in the ‘DeLuxe’ engraving on the ribbon vibrator plate with some red nail polish or gold paint (wipe off excess quickly after applying).


  3. Natalie, an SM-3 was my first typewriter, bought new for me in 1957 by my folks when i was about 17. I loved it, and loved creating nice-looking typed pages. I searched for nylon ribbons for the crisp characters produced. It took me through high school and college and grad school. So that model, made so well, with those nice machined decorative elements, and that cool paper rest that doubles as an end-of-page indicator, will always be my fave. Great job on the cleanup!


    1. Thanks Tony for that share! I wish I was born back an era – I would have loved using typewriters for school. Have you still got that SM-3?
      P.S. I haven’t forgotten, and I bought more rubber blocks :)


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