Quick Eats and Meets

Hubby and I went to Singapore for a quick getaway last week thanks to good fares. Didn’t do too much other than meet friends and eat…. and eat. Lots.

The fourth day was CRAZY! Typewriter friend Ms. J took hubs and I around the East side and Central area on a cafe hopping adventure… and oh my goodness, it was fantastic.
Between 1pm and 6pm, we ate at 7 different places, each boasting a specialty nom-ness. The last place we went was a hot pot, which I don’t have any good pictures of! Thanks Jess for the pictures!!!

All the days after that became a blur of food.

We did do other things other than eat. :)


One of the mornings we journeyed to the West and did some ice skating. It was in a new shopping centre that I’d never been. Two hours into the skate I was completely pooped.


Random Man Bear at the new Robinsons building in Orchard road.


Night time view of the new Singapore National Stadium with my crummy phone camera.

Of course there was more food here and there, but it all had to come to an end.

First, I got ill the day of getting on the plane — I think it might have been a clam I ate the night before. I’ve never really had much luck with food sickies, once being sick for a whole week with the Bali belly. This round was not terribly bad, but still annoying. A fever came in play, and I just took a couple of panadols before the flight.

The flight back was some what of a nightmare. Half an hour into the flight the plane got hit by strong turbulence… then it took a 3 second nose dive. I was only awake enough to hear everyone scream and curse in the last second or so from my fevered stupor, and them promptly went back to snooze lightly and squeeze the hubby’s hand when turbulence hit again.

The poor husband thought we were going to die on that flight.
Thankfully we made it to the ground ok at 5AM, and then proceeded onto work for the rest of the day.

Ummm, yeah. I’m just getting back into the swing of things, and hopefully with more blog posts to come. I should unpack the suitcase first, right.

Hope your week has been good to you! ;)


  1. All that food is making me hungry and the coffee looks amazing! I’m glad your flight didn’t make the news. It has been a long time since I’ve been in one with serious turbulence and drops in midair. It is a most unpleasant experience.


    1. Oh man, I could use a cup of that mocha right now. Xd

      I’m actually quite glad I was in that stupor, if not I would have been a nervous wreck high on adrenaline for four hours.


  2. Nice pictures that make me wish I was there. You could start a new religion with posts like this – maybe.. Foodaism.


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