Neckminit too late

On my last trip to Singapore my newly chiropractic recruited parents scored me a free check up and x-ray of my spinal column. Initially I had just wanted to know if I had early symptoms of arthritis or anything sinister lurking in the depths of my future. My cousins have spine issues and my Mum has always had a bad neck.
“Prevention better than cure”, they say.

Imagine my worry when this was presented to me.
(I know, I know, it’s a picture of a print, and it’s not as horrible as it looks, but you will get the drift.)

Now, a healthy normal neck should look like this with the right degree of curvature:

credits to this site

The chiropractor diagnosed me with a classic whiplash, then asked if I was involved in any car accidents or accidents that would have caused it. There is only one incident that I could think of, and it’s the most probable culprit.

Well, what a story it is to tell!

It ’twas a great Sunday afternoon, and a couple of my guy friends wanted to play a sport of sorts to hurry time up to dinner. One of the boys had been training in his school team for a little while and taught us the tricks — how to pass the ball in that space-gyro fashion and evade touches and so. We had tossing the ball around, me trying to chuck the footy the only way I knew how to hurl balls and the boys making fun of me at how I threw the ball. It got to point B, so that’s the point… right?
So then we lined up, and did a small run, practicing the back tosses and catching the odd pig-bag.
Another one.
And, another.
A little huffed, we took a small break and had a sip of chilled water.
“Let’s try 2 on 1, Nat” said the experienced teen.

We lined up.

He’d run forward and faked a perfect lefty, whizzing past the other teen and then punting the ball to me.
So I ran.
Stretching out to the line, I scored the point for my team.

That, of course, is rubbish recollections.

Till this day, I haven’t got a clue of what exactly happened.
What might have happened — we played touch rugby, I got a full on tackle from a teen who had no restraint or control of his strength… then I can imagine me just getting up, laughing it off as I brush grass off my shorts.

Other than that all I can remember from that day is that I found myself suddenly sitting in a car, appearing at a food place, standing at a ATM trying to top my phone credit up to call my then-boyfriend, somehow eating noodles and then taking pictures with a friend that was leaving the next day.

One thing was for sure: I felt utterly terrified.

My then-boyfriend (now-husband) said that day he had received about 5 similar messages that evening after the concussion. He had called me to make sure I was ok, and comforted the rather frightened thing sobbing away in the ladies’ restroom.

I remember nothing else after that.
And because I didn’t remember anything, it never crossed my mind to check if I had any injuries.

It’s very strange thinking about it. As much as I scrunch my face it’s still a whisper of a memory, a flutter in the wind.
It would, however, explain all the multitude of headaches I’ve had over the last five years.

Ummm, yeah.

It could have been a whole lot worse – broken necks, brain swelling, vegetation, paralysis, paraplegic…
I’m still alive and functioning, so that’s good. Right?

As horrible as this infirmity may sound, it’s actually getting slightly better. The chiropractor in Singapore strongly suggested that a local chiro guy be found and see what he can do to help my neck. I found someone, and I’m on a two month treatment. As so long the chiro guy doesn’t induce a stroke, it’ll just get better.
Time will tell, I suppose.

Whoaaaa, this post turned out way longer than expected.
Anyhoo, remember kids:

  • If you’re a boy playing sports with tough girls, go a tad easy. We still break.
  • 15km/h car accident is enough to win you a whiplash.
  • If you think you have a concussion, tell someone who isn’t overseas and get it checked out right away.
  • Get it fixed sooner than later. Definitely not 5 years later.


  1. I would see what a physiotherapist has to say about it as well. Good luck with it, Nat. You’re young, so I’d be inclined to think that it should heal nicely.
    If it’s any consolation, I don’t think my neck looks nicely curved either.


  2. So, ehm… your divorcing now because your then-boyfriend-now-husband also forgot and didn’t tell you to go to a hospital? And what about that guy friend, still have his address? Can you make a card out of the scan to send with as a Christmas card? :-p


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