100 words per day: meow!

Day 1: I did a little bit of spring cleaning on the 25 in 250 days page after Spider blogged about the progress on her list. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t made any progress on my list, and I had to exterminate some items and replacing them with easier to handle ones. I’ve had quite a lot to blog about, but procrastination always wins. A friend of mine took on this thing where you blog at least a hundred words a day, which seemed to have done her some good.

So here goes – mini blogging for two weeks commence, just to get a few thoughts written down.

I haven’t been of best moods of late — I’ve been viewing old pictures of the kitten the husband saved and missing my old cat back in Singapore. The excessive research on cute kittens, stalking lovemeow.com and what other adorable balls of fluff Instagram had to offer did not help at all.

So yesterday we drove to the pound to get my kitty fix. (Mind you, it’s somewhat a treat for me) We had been to the pound a few times prior to give some felines some love – I do feel sorry for the older cats that get neglected by visitors just because they weren’t pocket-sized and made you feel like you were going to burst like a water balloon every time they mewed.

This time to the pound was far from familiar.
We had to officially sign in as guests, then get escorted by one of the staff into the cattery. There, a lady who just wouldn’t stop interrogating us hung around our heads and wouldn’t let us into the pens to give cuddles to the cats at all. What the heck?!

There was a black cat there that seemed to like us a lot, but I was too disappointed and depressed to stick around. We were only there for 10 minutes and I had to leave before a little sob escaped my chest.

The pound is usually quite busy on Saturdays, but yesterday we were the only ones there. There was no notification on their Facebook page or notices in the office on the change of their procedures of such, and I would imagine a whole heap of other people leaving just as disappointed as we did.

I might just stop here as it is.
For anyone reading this that has a cat, give them a cuddle for me :3



  1. Sorry to hear your feeling so bummed lately. :-( Could have guessed it though with all those sleepless nights at twitter. Maybe there’s something in the air again this year. Too many people feeling depressed… Will cuddle my trio for you when I get home tonight!


  2. When I eventually found Charlie this morning (big but brief panic) I gave him a hug for you. We were in the exact same situation when Charlie adopted us at the RSPCA pound a few years ago. We also went looking for a kitten, but Charlie yelled “Pick me, pick me” from his pen. So we did. And he has rewarded us every single day since.


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