Lemon tart

Colleague’s birthday today!
We usually have a communal lunch for the birthday person at work, which is a nice break from the busy-ness. This colleague of mine totally forgot that it was his birthday and booked in a lunch with a client.

What to do?
Host a morning tea! :D

I snuck away yesterday to Kurt’s Cakes — a local patisserie delight colleague and I frequent possibly a little too much. We usually get the lemon tarts. Bite sized goodness of tongue stinging curd and crunch much meringues. I’ve recently discovered that they make profiteroles with chocolate custard… Magic chocolate choux fluffiness with creamy custardy goodness?
I’ll take two please!

I asked the lady over the counter if they’d do a large lemon meringue tart for a birthday cake.
The “WHUT-YOU-SAY?!” face was gold! Kurt’s the baker owner just laughed at me and held his thumbs up.

Raced to the store today to pick it up, and my oh my.


Colleague was incredibly happy :D

The office folk only made it through half of it, haha! There’s some for tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it as it is!

On a random note: the boss was given these DIY Fathers Day sets and he made it up, and now it sits in the office!


Hope your day was as sweet as our massive lemon meringue. ;)



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