My nephew is a roaring hurricane that tears through the house, steals torchlights and little shiny things like a magpie, at times defiant like a cheeky monkey.

Other times he’s manja (cuddly), but most times a walking hazard with all elbows and knees that find any tender spots and makes one double over.

Today’s toy of choice was a piece of bubble wrap. He sat there, popping the little bombs of air and giggled as he chewed on it.
He ran around the house, sheet clasped tightly in his small hands and laughed like he was at a comedy show.

Then he decided that it would be most hilarious to leap onto cross legged me and smother my face with the bubble wrap.
(I’m fine, by the way.)

Most days he sees me, grins and runs away as he knows I mean tickles. Cuddles are difficult to get from the little man, so the hour long cuggle to get him to sleep today was most welcomed.



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