The other pink un’

The dog got his cuddle :)

Oh, it’s dehording season!

I’ve got the following I’d like to go to other collectors who would really appreciate them:

  • Neckermann Brilliant Junior — has some paint damage but otherwise in tip top condition mechanically
  • Underwood Portable 3 bank — needs some work, serial number 8XXX
  • Deluxe Portable — I’ve fixed the top cover back again, carriage will need some attention
  • Olivetti 12
  • Royal Signet — in USA with JP, saved from a key chopper

Parts/salvageable machines:

  • Olympia Diplomat (Splendid range, dog issue, beige pebble finish maroon keys)
  • Underwood Quiet Deluxe (needs new carriage lever)

Send me an email at if you’re wanting to take them home ;)

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