Habby Ostralian Dae!

How’s it goin’ guys? Finally, a typewriter related post! Well, just a little one. When we were in Hawaii I had a short list of places that I wanted to go to. We nearly didn’t get any time but I’m super glad we made a tiny bit of time to get to Home Depot! 2015/01/img_0729.jpg It was 5 minutes of bliss. Well, 5 minutes was definitely not enough time. I grabbed a roll of faux leather shelf liner and bolted to the check out and stuffed myself back into the car to get to the airport! Now I wished that I had more time to get other things… like rubber washers. Ah wells. Today I finally got the time to cut it into pieces and stick it on a Adler Mod.32 case – the ledge that holds the back of the case together broke off. Liquid Nails did an awesome job and it’s holding together beautifully. I can’t quite say the same for the tobacco and mould stained cover. The liner is not adhering to the wood as well as I thought it would. :( The edges aren’t staying down and the middle sections seem poofy and shifts with effort. I’m letting it settle for a night to see if it helps. Might slather some Liquid Nails in the middle and edges, and I’m confident the final result will be great! 2015/01/img_0726.jpg I cooked something to celebrate ‘Straya Day too – Deconstructed Carbonara Fresh pasta, garlic and onion cream sauce, bacon bits and a microwaved poached egg. :D 2015/01/img_0728.jpg Other than that I’ve been a little busy with work and a couple of small design projects for friends down south… which I should get back to. Thanks for reading, hope you’ve had a fantastic day!


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