New Year Changes


As you can see, natslaptaps has a new WordPress template! I really like the new side bar very much. So much more functional, and hopefully the Typewriter Database widget will work as soon as I figure out why the new template isn’t taking it.

In other news, yesterday I did my first repair job for a typewriter that used to be mine. The new owners had dropped the typewriter from a little height as the case lock failed. *insert cringe*
From messages, the machine sounded like it had got smushed in a pretty bad way. Lucky for the machine, the misalignment was due to a loose screw, and a couple of bent levers. It was a pretty quick fix and everyone was happy in the end. It was nice to see the old machine again, and how much the new owners were so worried about the damage. I’m glad that it’s got a new home where it’s much loved.

I’m nursing a bit of a throat sickie, so here’s some pictures from a photowalk I went with a friend last week at the Chinese Gardens. She’s got a great set of lenses that she let me try:

  • Olympus 60mm, f2.8
  • Olympus 75-300mm
  • Olympus 45mm, f1.8





    1. Thanks Spider! I’m really liking this layout (had another one before but I didn’t quite like it enough), but yeah, the side name thing is the only thing that’s bugging me. It works better for slightly larger screen though! Mmmm, not sure what to do just yet.


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