Thinner than a panny, think I’ll call it Penny.

This Olympus 15mm f8.0 body lens was $30ish on eBay, couldn’t say no! It’s more like a fun pinhole lens for daytime shoots. Did a quick shoot around the garden and it’s very much like a toy lens with the slightly off focus look.

I’ve recently got quite a few camera bits and pieces, so exciting!

Oh, spent a night doing another template change! I like this one much more, and the side navigation is simple and functional.

Hope your week has been great guys, I’m still coughing like a chronic dragon but it’s getting better. ;)



  1. Hey Nat! I have one of these body cap lenses as well. Very sleek. Next up, you need a V4 electronic viewfinder. Make it feel like true photography again. Great shots too.


      1. I have a EPL-5. Great camera. Gotta get a macro lens for when finances permit. I know some wristwatches that could do with some close-up shots.

      2. EBay’s been really kind with the Olympus 60mm f2.8’s recently. I’d love to get one but I don’t take enough macro shots to have a lens… Maybe in the future!
        Oh, I still can’t find the EVF :(

  2. I’ve been using one of those on my Lumix G5. I shot a test subject of a rectilinear grid, then in SilkyPix I corrected the image for curvature and chromatic aberration and saved it as a development taste. Now, every image shot using the 15mm body cap lens I first apply this correcting development taste before doing any other adjustments; this markedly improves the results, at least technically.


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