The chime of the “lahs”

A couple weeks ago I was invited to a Singaporean and Malaysian meet up for post Chinese New Year. The folks in charge had booked a private room in a Chinese restaurant in town. I had always passed by it on weekends and passed it off as a wanna be Chinese take away place with terrible food… Oh gosh was I so wrong. 

There was:

  1. Prawns with spicy salt
  2. Roast duck
  3. Veges with chinese mushrooms 
  4. Stewed pork with pickled vege
  5. Steak with Chef’s sauce
  6. Chicken with salted fish bean curd

Oh gosh. I ate about four bowls of rice and just stuffed my face silly. The food was authentic and *soooo* good. The chicken mice with salted fish and bean curd was quite possibly my favourite. I can’t cook it so I had to eat more of it :3 

As good as the food was, the conversations and company was the thing that made the night. 

Sometime this month marks my third year living in ‘Straya. I had still find it hard to lose my Singlish accent. It can get really frustrating! At times I find myself buffering, just to formulate a concise and clear message. It’s getting better, but as soon I step foot in the company of Singaporeans the old tune sings again. 

And goodness me — the tune so comforting and easy to sing. 



  1. Now you’ve got me wanting to travel a full days trip for some good Chineese food. Glad you had a great time and enjoyed the food.

    Accents are difficult to loose or change. I have a habit of being able to pick one up as I speak with someone. It is a good way for me to understand the other person.


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