The week a nation cried


Like news spread like wildfire — Facebook feeds turned into outlets of condolence wishing and the people poured their sadness.

A state funeral had been declared. 

People queued for hours at Parliment House to pay their respects to the founding father. Others who did not queue sent their wishes in a tribute centre close by. 



The day of the State funeral

The sky stood agape, shedding rain like the people shed tears as the casket drove from Parliment House through the city centre and to University Cultural Centre where world leaders and live-streamers listen to eulogies. 

I streamed in and listened to what his friends and family has to say. A minute of silence. At the end I said the the national pledge and sang the anthem with thousands of other Singaporeans. 

It seemed awkward doing it all by myself in my living room. But I’m glad that I did. 



  1. Nat, I spent a week in Singapore back in ’96 on my honeymoon. Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy on the city was evident and long-lasting and I’m sure that, even throughout the rest of the world, the way he shaped Singapore will forever be remembered and celebrated.


  2. The event and Singaporeans’ reactions are moving from afar. It’s all very foreign to American experience; it’s difficult for me to imagine living in a city-state, founded so recently, that owed so much to one man. But you all have my sympathy.


  3. He must have been your Kennedy, although he lived a full life and clearly realized his promise and potential, which I wish ours had the chance to. “Thank You” sounds exactly right. (:


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