Been happenings

Oh hey :) Long time no see my friend! It’s been a little while since the last post, so a fair bit has happened.

  1. Main reason: been sick on and off.
  2. Other reason: I got back on the candy crush bandwagon :(
  3. I did think of using a typewriter for this post.
  4. Onsie weather is here, heck yeah!
  5. Just found out that I’ve been mildly lactose intolerant since I was a baby. Ergo combination sickies. Cue sad face.
  6. I haz to wear glasses now. Explains the tension headaches, migraines and general lethargy. Picked out a pair last week, should be ready soon.
  7. Been using the camera more! Finally spent a few days with the PRO f2.8 lens and the medium zoom 40-100mm. Some pictures on this post to come.
  8. Went to a friend’s place about an hour’s drive away for some yummy food and great company. Check out Your Inspiration at Home if you’re a local – the balsamic vinegars are AMAZING.
  9. 100 year anniversary Anzac day with the work mates. Really happy with a few shots from that take!
  10. Two great friends got married this weekend – one in Perth the other in Singapore – both we didn’t get to.
  11. Recently spent some time doing craft things. Felt really good.
  12. The hubby turned 30 this weekend. Spent actual day with nice Indian lunch and Mexican dinner.
  13. Poor bloke is so difficult to buy anything for so the next best present was to let him be Ironman for a half hour: flyboarding Glad to say he loved the surprise :D After a quick dip we went for the nicest pizza and wedges… then maxed out on ice cream just because we had the day off work :)

    how do you say no to a chorizo pizza?!

  14. I think hubs caught a cold from Flyboarding, he’s been snorting out rubber since then!
  15. There is plans of making or re-purposing a typewriter desk.  All plans for now.

Hopefully I’m getting back on the typewriter way. There’s a whole heap of things happening too, hopefully I can share sooner than later! ^_^ Have a great one guys



  1. Iron Man! <3

    Saddening to read you still are getting ill a lot. Hopefully the glasses and less-lactose will help you with that. Keep up a good spirit and all will be fine!


  2. Quite a busy schedule for not feeling well. I do hope that thigs go better for your health since you found some cause(s).


  3. Hi Nat, great ANZAC anniversary pics. Picking out glasses – one of life’s most difficult chores – how come they look different once they put the lenses in!


    1. Hey Steve,
      Thanks heaps! They were the nicer ones ;)
      I always thought it was all math but maaaaan, so so wrong. Hopefully the ones I got will be alright! I wanted really nerdy looking ones, but my face is just too widdle :(


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