P is for…


It sat in its box for a week. 

It was time to break it out. 

It typed so smoothly, almost loosely. The keys punch low, but with ease. 

I was going to tell you how it smells like, but a stuffed nose won’t give anything. 

There isn’t too much to do, perhaps a couple of hours… Sounds like a date. 



  1. Im finally checking on the typosphere today. I commented on instagram that my guess is a continental. I actually originally thought this was an erika/bijou because of the shape of the keys but since it has some german, i went with a continental. WHAT IS IT??? i bet it’s a magnificent machine since your collection is really full of just spectacular ones.


  2. Now that two-color keytop scheme is something I hadn’t seen before. German machines do often have the shift and tab keys just marked with a colour instead of text, but this really marks the letters from the rest. Triumph of keyboard design :)


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