A sight I’m looking forward to



  1. Congrats, Nat! I’m in the same boat, currently looking around the room and seeing the last fifteen year’s worth of stuff stacked up in boxes against the walls. We moved in two days ago, but some of our things are still at our old house. I’ll have to figure out where it will go. Gonna have to build some shelves, I think. After I put up some more curtains. Yes, they are a hassle, aren’t they?


    1. Congrats to you too Mr. T! :D
      Hahaha, I hope the unpacking is kind to you like it has to me.
      Oh gosh, curtains might be the death of me. We’re getting a dog next week to counterbalance the horrible curtain saga :3


      1. Nope. The unpacking is a nightmare. So many books, no bookshelves. The house itself is larger than what we had, but the bedrooms are smaller. That’s okay, though, since these rooms are mainly for sleeping. My biggest headache is the internet/phone setup. I have five or six old rotary dial phones and they won’t work on the Optus network, dammit! Ah well…at least it’s a bigger house, with plenty of comfy living areas.

      2. Aww man! We had trouble with the Internet as well – apparently it’s a Telstra zone so boo hoo no NBN :(
        Someone should really invent a converter for those phones!
        Good luck with the unpacking meanwhile – ice cream breaks help :3

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